Apostle George Clemons   

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Apostle George Clemons is the Sr. Founder and Sr. Apostle of Second Chance Ministries Intl, better known as SCMI. He and his wife Apostle Angel Clemons, founded SCMI in the year of 2007 under the name, Faith and Discipleship Outreach Ministries and the name was changed in the year of 2012. They started off with all children and ministering as ordained ministers at the youth centers, senior citizens homes and anywhere the Lord lead them to go, they were there. In 2010 they became ordained Pastors and began having services at their home in Hampton Va. Their ministry have now grown beyond the walls. They got ordained as Apostles and were appointed into their new positions in 2014. They have had buildings and all but now as Apostles they go around with their well known Kingdom Conferences, teaching men and women of God; Kingdom Principles. They also have several churches they oversee and many spiritual children they father. Their ministry page is www.secondchanceministriesintl.com where you can find all of their ministries they serve in.  Apostle George is dedicated to leading and serving in the body of Christ and has a heart of Christ as Christ was also a carpenter as well. Now Apostle George teaches and reaches many nations with his international ministries by building up one home and one soul to Christ at a time.

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